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Frequenty Asked Questions

What does “WeVyte” mean?

Vytes is short for “invites.” We had to be creative to find an available domain and app name. It fits because we’re based in Utah where many parents inexplicably add Ys and Zs into baby names.

What does WeVyte do?

WeVyte helps users more easily hangout, get together, and make group plans for real life. It’s an invitations platform that integrates text messages so users can easily send invites to anyone. WeVyte eliminates the back-and-forth, spammy group messaging so users can plan less and do more without annoying their friends.

Who can I send Vytes to?

Anyone in your contact list or groups can be sent a Vyte. If they don’t have the app, they’ll receive and can respond to a text message. Unlike other apps, it’s useful even if your friends are not [yet] using WeVyte.

How do I invite friends who don’t have the app?

Easy. Just add them to the Vyte along with everyone else and we’ll do the rest. It’s like magic, but it is real and doesn’t scare away your friends.

How do I send a Vyte?

It’s simple. We’ve designed WeVyte to be easier than sending a group text. Install the WeVyte app Create a New Vyte by adding What, When, and optionally Where or some Details Add a group or anyone from your contacts Hit send. You’ll have the option to customize the text sent to people who don’t have the app.

What are some great use cases for WeVyte?

We’ve seen and heard many different use cases from our users. Here are some of the most popular:

  • – Friends & Family – invite them to movies, dinner, concerts, or games. See who’s free
  • – Workout / Hobbies – know who’s biking or working out in the morning without a group text
  • – Teams – need to know who’s coming to the game? Send a Vyte without getting 12 yes / no replies
  • – Clubs – add your meeting schedule to WeVyte. Everyone has easy access and you know who’s going
  • – Volunteering – send a Vyte to get a count for a PTA meeting, religious activity, or a service project
  • – Stay-at-home parents – headed to the zoo? Send a Vyte to casually see who wants to join

Let us know about other unique ways that you use WeVyte by tagging us in your pictures, tweets, and posts.

Who can I invite to a group?

Anyone, even if they don’t have the app. Just add members from your contact list. They’ll receive a text notification encouraging them to install the app, and then be able to respond to any group invite just like a regular invite through WeVyte.

Why should I have my friends install the app?

Although friends can respond without the app, they’re missing out on great stuff in the app. It’s almost like winning the lottery and not claiming it. Sort of. The app lets them chat, get directions, and change their RSVP. More importantly, they can send Vytes back to you so you have fun things to do.

Why don’t I already have an app like this?

Good question! Many of our beta testers asked the same thing. We’ve been looking for years too and finally decided to just build it ourselves. Hopefully you’ll help us let people know so that they aren’t asking the same next year!