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Invitations by Text

WeVyte makes group planning and messaging easy so that you can enjoy what matters most

  • Fast, easy invites

    Send personal invites in under 30 seconds. It’s faster than a group text.

  • Works over SMS

    Friends can respond to invitations by text without the app. 95% open rates.

  • Built for groups

    Add group members and schedules for teams, clubs and other groups.

  • Stress-free

    No searching texts. See guest list, comments and details in one place

  • Event-based chat

    Only get messages if you can go. No need to mute or leave the group.

  • Beautiful design

    Intuitive layout to easily send invites and find events, groups, and chat.

Your Go-To Group Scheduling App

No noisy group messages or searching texts for details. WeVyte makes it easy to plan, schedule, and coordinate group activities. Try it!







Our Story: Easy Invites

Annoying group chats. Unopened emails. No-response group texts. We’ve been there too.

WeVyte began in July ’16 after Blaine invited 10 friends, including his then boss, to play disc golf by group text. No one could go, but they all still received at least 10 texts  At least it wasn’t a potluck!

That night Blaine downloaded group chat and invitation apps until 2am. Finding no great solutions,  he told his wife that he’d be quitting his job to build it. Tired and incoherent from nursing a 3-week old baby, she somehow agreed and we haven’t looked back since.

We’re now sending WeVyte invitations for friends, family, scouts, pickup sports, play dates, and more. We just wish we had it sooner!

Group Invitations Have Never Been Easier

Plan, schedule, and coordinate group activities in seconds.


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